ISA San Francisco Bay Area 2011

Back in September, I scored free tickets to ISA San Francisco Bay Area 2011 with Ser and Hubs on the day of the show. I was excited at the opportunity to finally see some of the YouTube artists that I have at one point in time watched on replay perform live, particularly New Heights, Kina Grannis, David Choi, Far East Movement, and Wong Fu Productions. Little did I know but quickly did I realize upon arriving to the venue at San Jose Civic Center how young was the age group that these YouTube stars attracted. Ser and I couldn’t help but feel a little out of place, being out of college now. The place was swarming with middle and high schoolers, enjoying a Saturday night out with their friends who had most likely long awaited for this night to come. Down my row, I spotted two boys who seemed to be middle schoolers and too young for their parents to allow them to come on their own so a mother who probably didn’t know what she was in for was sitting right next to them with a poker face. At one point during the show, she ditched the two boys and got up to sit at the very back row.

Putting aside my thoughts on the audience, the artists made quite a show! Check out these highlights of the night’s performances:

Wong Fu Productions, who had just returned from their trip to Taiwan to film a music video to “Still in Love With You 依然愛你” for Wang Lee Hom 王力宏, also previewed their One Million Subscribers video at the show before it was released on YouTube in October.

Attending the show only made me realize how much these young YouTube stars have come along. In 2006 when I was a junior in high school, I remember replaying Wong Fu Productions’ first major hit, Yellow Fever, in the Journalism room. Friends on my newspaper staff and I would watch the video again and again, laughing at the hilarity of the content of the short film. Five years later, Wong Fu Productions is at a much different place than they were in 2006, yet still making videos that are just as funny and entertaining to watch. It is quite remarkable to see how these Asian Americans, such as hosts KevJumba, nigahiga, and Cathy Nguyen, artists David Choi, Kina Grannis, Clara C. (though not present at this show but at ISA Festival Los Angeles 2011 a week after this show) and Far East Movement, and filmmakers Wong Fu Productions have risen to such great heights of popularity through social media like YouTube over the last few years at such a young age.

To end, I share with you Kina Grannis’ new music video to “In Your Arms” from her album, Stairwells, which is just as, if not even more, creative than her music video to “Valentine.”

Check out the full story and behind-the-scenes video here:


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