What I’m Thankful for in 2011

Count your blessings, name them one by one,    
Count your blessings, see what God hath done!    
Count your blessings, name them one by one,    
Count your many blessings, see what God hath done.

While this past year has proved to be one of the most difficult, I spent this Thanksgiving reflecting upon the many blessings God has richly poured upon me in this year alone.

1. Making it through the first year without my dad.

  • with God’s peace and strength.
  • that my family was comforted by an outpouring of love from friends and family.

2. Getting a teaching job.

  • two weeks after moving home.
  • for a position that opened up last-minute after the school year already started.
  • in Downtown San Jose.
  • a convenient 15-minute drive from home.
  • in 3rd grade, which is the grade level I taught for the majority of my student teaching.
  • with dedicated and welcoming teachers and staff.
  • with a highly collaborative grade level team.
  • with a supportive instructional coach and small group of new teachers.
  • with a principal who has high but attainable expectations.
  • with a class size that started out at 16 and is now at 18.
  • at a technologically advanced school.
  • with the opportunity to learn Spanish.
  • with the opportunity to serve low-income families at a Title I-funded school where 93% of students are socioeconomically disadvantaged.

3. Living at home with my mom.

  • that I can return home after being down in Irvine for the last four years.
  • that I moved into a new room right when the home renovations were completed.
  • that I can eat healthy and sleep well at home.
  • that she cooks dinner and makes more so that I can enjoy a hot lunch on a cold day.
  • that she does laundry and irons my work clothes.
  • that she prepares fruits so that I don’t neglect getting my Vitamin C and nutrients.
  • that she vacuums up my bathroom and room when my hair falls out easily.
  • that she takes me out to try new restaurants on the weekends.
  • that she goes shopping with me for hours at some of our favorite stores.

4. Finishing schooling forever.

  • that I completed graduate school in one year.
  • that I graduated with my Master’s degree and teaching credential.
  • that I made some of the closest friendships I have today with my teacher friends.

5. Surviving my first (and hopefully last) car accident.

  • that my car was fixed and running back to normal a week after.
  • that I saw the headaches of running into car problems and have hopefully learned to be more careful on the road.

6. Seeing many of my family and friends go through the various stages of life.

  • that I became an aunt to my six-month-old niece, Mabelle.
  • that many of my friends at Berean had their first children.
  • that I witnessed 7 of 11 marriage unions.

Hoping you enjoyed a celebration of thanks with family and friends!

Paper turkeys made by Miss Hui's 3rd grade class of 2011-2012


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