32 Years

Two years ago, my parents were blessed to reach their big 30th anniversary just nine months before my dad’s passing. My brother and I had flown home to celebrate the special occasion with my parents. While most parents usually take this opportunity to have a night out on their own, my dad always made sure to include my brother and me for as long as I can remember. My dad believed that special occasions were not complete without the whole family together. Unless my brother and I were away at college, we were there to celebrate with our parents year after year.

Today would have marked their 32nd anniversary. Since January 12 remains a special date for my mom, I decided to take her out for dinner after visiting my dad’s memorial site. We enjoyed the company of each other over a nice dinner at a cozy French restaurant in downtown Los Altos. Though my dad is no longer here, January 12 continues to live on as a special occasion to thank God for the marriage union of my parents and the 30 years of joys and trials they so sweetly shared together while my dad was still here.

Happy Parents’ Day, Mom and Dad!


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