Weddings and Engagements Galore

Over the last two years, I cannot even count the number of times I just so happened to be back home or out of town when an engagement of one of my friends happened. I remember receiving Hannah’s “I’m engaged :D” text when I was home for my dad’s birthday in September 2010. I also remember receiving John’s two emails, telling me he will propose that night and sharing a photo of Jess wearing the ring, when I was home for Thanksgiving 2010. My mom and brother can attest to the numerous occasions that I have screamed in my room and then ran to them out of excitement to tell them that one of my friends just got engaged, whether I find out through text, email, or Facebook. As 2010 was the year of engagements, 2011 was the year of weddings. While the weddings were around the world from SoCal to NorCal and Hong Kong to Australia, I was able to witness 7 out of 12 marriage unions of my family and friends.

The year ended with a bang when I found out about two engagements in the same week, one who I lived with this past summer (Cheryl and Mike) and another who was in my small group last year (Hannah and Matt). Of course, I would be on vacation in Hong Kong when all this excitement was happening back in California. I soon realized that the galore of engagements in 2010 and weddings in 2011 would continue on to 2012 to make another exciting year of BOTH engagements AND weddings. As if I wasn’t surprised enough to see two engagements in one week, since then there have been three more engagements in this month alone with two out of the three being one day after another. Fortunately, I was in the right place for once to congratulate at least one of these three couples in person.

On February 2, my childhood friend Erica got engaged! She is the first of all my family friends to get engaged, so I am excited to see her enter into this next stage of life.

Congratulations, Erica and Ben!

On Valentine’s Day, my teacher friend Esther and her boyfriend of four and a half years got engaged too! The couple was one of the last few people to see me off before I left Irvine back in August, which goes to show how deep our friendship grew even though we have only known each other for a little over a year. We will forever remember the moment when we met each other as I said, “My name is Laurel and I like to run,” and she said, “My name is Esther and I like Hello Kitty,” on the first day of graduate school.

Congratulations, Esther and Adam!

A big congratulations to all the couples of 2011 and 2012!

Looking forward to another exciting year of engagements and weddings!


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