Two Favorites in One Day

Today, I have an excuse to wear one of my favorite colors – green. Not just any green shirt, but my fan tee of the Boston Celtics, my favorite NBA basketball team. I was born and raised in California and never visited Boston before becoming a fan, so most people raise their eyebrows and ask why when they find out that I am a Celtics fan. Four years ago when I went to college, I became a bandwagon fan of the Celtics when they rivaled against the Lakers. As a result, I think green became one of my favorite colors around this time. Ironically, purple is my other favorite color though. Since then, I have stayed true to watching and supporting the Big Four and Doc Rivers. When I finally visited Boston for the first time last June, I bought my first fan tee! Too bad I didn’t get a chance to watch one of their home games at TD Garden because my trip was the week right after the NBA finals were over. After coming back home from the trip, it was difficult to sport my fan tee in SoCal since many of my friends are hardcore Lakers fans and would bag on me whenever I wore the shirt. Now moving back to NorCal, it hasn’t gotten any easier because everyone thinks I should naturally be a Warriors fan since I have lived most of my life up here until I went to college. In fact, I may not have worn this shirt once since moving home. But today is a good excuse to wear my green, shamrock tee! Plus the Celtics are playing tonight!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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