Reading Comics

Growing up, I often read comics with my brother. We would read the daily comics in the San Jose Mercury News every day. This would either be in the morning as we ate our breakfast before heading off to school or in the afternoon when we ate snacks as soon as we came home. He would take one half of the paper, while I read the other half, and then we would switch. My favorite would be the Sunday comics because there would be at least triple the weekday comics and the whole paper would be in color. We would also take trips to the library with our parents and check out comic books to bring home to read. I would often borrow Garfield and Calvin and Hobbes books while also making sure to keep up with Blondie, Baby Blues, Luann, and Foxtrot in the paper.

But since I moved away from home for college four years ago, I left behind this daily routine of reading the comics. In Irvine, I didn’t have the newspaper delivered to my apartment as I did at home, and I also didn’t find the time to read comics anymore even if I could find them online. Now after moving home for seven months, I have occasionally picked up the daily comics again, but it has not yet become a part of my routine as it once was.

After reading a news article on fewer teachers in the Bay Area pink-slipped, I decided to lighten up the mood from thinking about the uncertainties of next year and sat back to read the comics, just like good old days! I enjoy coming across teaching comics in the paper from time to time. Below is one in light of just finishing up report cards for the second grading period and parent-teacher conferences over the past two weeks!



2 thoughts on “Reading Comics

  1. aww this is cute! i like reading comics, too. my favorites were blondie and foxtrot! my brother and i once got in trouble for sneaking out and going to the comic book store when we were little but i’m sure you and law were much better kids. =P


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