Fascinating Teachers

Last Tuesday, May 8, was National Teacher’s Day in the U.S., but apparently, Tuesday was Día del Maestro in Mexico. I didn’t know my school was celebrating our teachers until my ELD students kept greeting me with “Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!” on their way into my classroom first thing in the morning. They had seen this large orange poster taped outside my door that was created by one of my students’ mom. I still have yet to type in her message into Google Translate so I can actually understand what she wrote in Spanish. After ELD, the student whose mom made the poster gave me a creative handmade flower arrangement in a vase. A plastic bottle was wrapped in gift wrapping paper, the fake roses were made out of tissue paper, green straws were used for the stems of the roses, and real plants were used for the leafy background of the roses.

After school, since students are released early on Tuesdays, the most involved moms at my school put on a lovely luncheon for the teachers and staff. They decorated the cafeteria with colorful balloons and the tables with handmade flower centerpieces, which we each got to take one home. They made a yummy buffet of authentic Mexican foods (many of which I tried for the first time). Some serenaded us with Mexican songs while others sat to eat with us. They gave us a red rose and a “Teacher Appreciation Award” certificate with all of their signatures. It was so sweet of them to shower us with their love and appreciation. In the unique community that I work in where 93% are socioeconomically disadvantaged, it is beautiful to receive such loving support from some parents. These truly care about their children’s education and realize the benefits of their volunteer service at school and their partnership with the teachers.

Something I received from this luncheon was a list of seven points that distinguish good teachers from fascinating teachers, and I want to share this with all you teachers out there!

Fascinating Teachers

1. Good teachers have good academic culture and are eloquent, while fascinating teachers try to understand the functioning of the minds of their students in order to educate them better.

2. Good teachers have a methodology and are didactic, while fascinating teachers have the sensitivity to speak to the hearts of their students.

3. Good teachers educate logical intelligence, while fascinating teachers educate emotion, teach their students to explore their own being.

4. Good teachers use memory as a repository of information, while fascinating teachers use it to stimulate creativity.

5. Good teachers are temporary, while fascinating teachers are unforgettable.

6. Good teachers correct the behavior, while fascinating teachers resolve conflicts in the classroom with intelligence.

7. Good teachers educate for a profession, while fascinating teachers educate for life.


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