Living Under Christ’s Kindness, Part 2

On my last day of work on June 1, I grabbed hold of the opportunity God gave me to stay at the same school next year (read the crazy story, Living Under Christ’s Kindness). Since then, I have been wondering which grade level my principal will place me in for next year. That was TBD when I decided to stay, but I had learned through this experience that I needed to trust in God fully and be thankful in all circumstances.

I worried about getting pink-slipped, but God provided me a job for another year. I worried about starting all over again at a new school I would be transferred to, but God created an opening so I could stay at the same school. I was such a worry wart, but God was faithful. There was no point in being anxious about my job situation. God brought me through all of that to remind me just how good, how gracious, and how faithful He has truly been to me! Just as God has taken care of my job and school, He will also take care of my grade level. Deep down, I wanted to stay in 3rd grade, but God knows best and I had to trust Him.

So on Tuesday night, I saw an email from my principal with the staff directory attached. Quickly glancing down the list, I see my name under 3RD GRADE! The next thing you know, I am yelling, WAHOOO! at 12:45am in my house that is dead quiet. I can’t contain the joy to be placed back in 3rd grade. I am almost more shocked about this news than getting to be at the same school again. When my friends had asked me what grade I would teach, I told them, “You know what would be even crazier?? If God took me through this huge road bump to bring me back to 3rd grade again.” But it happened, and I’m like, say WHAAAT?? Wow, God works in mysterious ways! He truly took me in a full circle to bring me back to where I started, teaching 3rd grade at the same school next year!!!


2 thoughts on “Living Under Christ’s Kindness, Part 2

  1. im so blessed to hear that you’re teaching third grade again and even more, share the experiences of what God has taught you. i always am so proud of your faith, perserverence, and positivity to go faithfully wherever God leads you. :) btw im completely jealous of all your eating adventures!~


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