Survived My Wisdom Teeth Surgery!

Sorry I have been away from my blog for the last six weeks. I have been enjoying my summer vacation by eating, sleeping, and relaxing :) I will wait to share some details and photos of my summer vacation in more posts to come!

On Monday night, I flew home after enjoying the last 12 days in Irvine and San Diego. During this trip, I tried to fatten up before getting my wisdom teeth extracted on Tuesday, first thing in the morning after flying home. I requested prime rib for my last meal so I could satisfy my stomach before not being able to eat much for the next week or two.

Only 36 hours after surgery, I am feeling surprisingly grrreat for having just had my wisdom teeth extracted yesterday morning! I had all four wisdom teeth pulled out in 20 minutes with numbing. My oral surgeon said I was very calm during the procedure, and I felt brave for having endured all the tugging, pulling, and deafening drilling while being wide awake. He said it would take 30-45 minutes, but thankfully it lasted only 20 minutes.

The one time I opened my eyes and tried to understand what he was saying to me, I saw him holding a big shot to numb my mouth. From there on out, I kept my eyes shut and ignored everything the doctor was saying to me. Not that I am scared of shots, but I was afraid I would see worse things like drills, wrenches, and blood all over. I tried to focus on the music blasting through my earphones, but it was scarily drowned out when there was drilling for my lower two impacted teeth.

The doctor said I had big teeth when all was done, and since he didn’t have to cut them into smaller pieces, I saw how huge they really were! For the first time, I also saw that my teeth actually have roots like the one in the photo below that they always show us. I think all my baby teeth that fell out didn’t have roots, did they?

After coming home, I took out the gauzes, which were disgustingly soaked with blood. It was scary to see so much blood flow out of my mouth. Sorry TMI. Then I diligently iced my cheeks on and off on the clock while lying in bed. My strategy – I set my alarm clock and switched the ice pack every time the snooze would go off after 10 minutes. Though I think it would be funny to see what my face would look like with pudgy cheeks, I do not look like a chipmunk to prove my surgery.

Before going to bed, I was already yelling and jumping up and down while watching the Olympic competitions for swimming and gymnastics. My mom said I needed to calm down haha. I have been taking Ibuprofen twice a day and only took extra pain medicine once last night just in case I would wake up in the middle of the night in pain. I slept through the entire night just fine though.

I woke up today feeling better than I thought I would! The only thing is I get full quickly, which means I also get hungry quickly to the point of having a growling stomach, so I have to eat every 2-3 hours. Yesterday, I had a fruit smoothie, jello, and jook. My eating schedule looked something like this today:

10:30 am – Milky oatmeal (½ bowl)

1:00 pm – Creamy tomato soup with oyster crackers soaked up soggy (1½ bowls)

4:30 pm – Jello (1 cup)

5:30 pm – Fruit smoothie (1 cup)

6:30pm – Jook (1 bowl)

9:00 pm – More creamy tomato soup with oyster crackers soaked up soggy (1 bowl)

Now I am going to bed with my stomach already growling, but I will have to wait until tomorrow morning! I can’t wait to change my diet from liquids to soft foods, and I am excited for something salty like ramen instant noodles tomorrow!

Praise God for a smooth operation and a seemingly quick recovery so far since I will be starting work on Monday! Thank you for your prayers :)

P.S. I am thankful for my mom who was my driver to the surgery and has been understanding and taking good care of me – cooking for my liquid diet, making me jello, washing the dishes when that’s supposed to be my chore since she cooked, and reminding me to even take my medicine. Thank you, Mom ♥


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