SD Eats: Mexican Seafood

California burritos and carne asada fries at Roberto’s and Super Sergio’s in San Diego and Albatros in Irvine were once my favorite places to go for Mexican food in SoCal. But in the last year, I have moved towards the combination of seafood and Mexican food together!

EL ZARAPE: 4642 Park Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92116. (619) 692-1652.

Make sure you don’t visit the wrong El Zarape, which is just a couple of blocks down, because you will get a completely different restaurant – different menu and a more sit-down restaurant with waiter service. On my last visit to San Diego, my friends and I split up into two cars to drive to El Zarape and ended up waiting for each other at two places.

The fish tacos here are super cheap – only 99 CENTS each! Compared to Tacos El Gordo where the tacos are $2.00 each for meat, you can get tacos with seafood for half the price! This makes it possible for you to come to El Zarape with a growling stomach and not leave with your wallet a lot smaller.

A fan of ordering calamari as an appetizer at other restaurants, I think the calamari burrito here is a must-have! I have never had calamari like this before. The calamari tastes as soft as mozzarella sticks! Plus it’s only $5.99 for a burrito with seafood. I’m telling you, this place is gooood and affordable!

If you like spicy, I would also recommend the wasabi burrito, which is unique. The burritos come with chips on the side to dip with their complimentary salsas. Next time I visit, I want to try the scallop burrito!

MARIPOSA ICE CREAM: 3450 Adams Avenue, San Diego, CA 92116. (619) 284-5197.

And since there is always room for dessert if you have a sweet tooth like me, you can take a quick 4-minute drive down a few blocks to support a family-owned homemade ice cream shop – Mariposa Ice Cream. In the last year, I have developed a strong liking for homemade ice cream shops. So far, I have checked out 1 in Berkeley (Ici), 3 in San Francisco (Bi-Rite, Mitchell’s, Marco Polo), 2 in Orange County (Strickland’s, Hans’), 1 in New York (Chinatown Ice Cream Factory), and now 1 in San Diego!

If you are in San Diego, El Zarape and Mariposa Ice Cream are two places to go! But if you are not a fan of seafood, then check out my last post, SD Eats: Tacos, to see where you can find San Diego’s freshest meat tacos!


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