SD Eats: The Cottage

THE COTTAGE: 7702 Fay Avenue, La Jolla, CA 92037. (858) 454-8409.

Three times in the last 1.5 years, I returned to The Cottage for brunch with family and friends when I visited San Diego. While the line may be quite a wait at times, especially on the weekends, it usually takes us about 20 minutes to get seated. They do not rush you out either so it is a great place to chat over brunch! You can even continue your conversation after brunch by taking a stroll down to La Jolla Shores, which is just a few blocks away.

The breakfast food is yummy here! The portions are pretty big to me since I have never been able to finish an order on my own. On my last visit here, which was in between a late breakfast and an early lunch, I was craving crabcakes so I asked the waiter whether crabcakes benedict or crabcakes appetizer was more popular. He said breakfast food was much more popular so I should go with the benedict. Then he recommended his personal favorite, Eggs La Jolla, and offered to give me a half portion of each benedict so I could try both! It was nice that they did that for me, and I am wondering if next time they will allow me to order a half portion only since that is just the right amount of food for me.

First Time with CEC Sisters: Lucy, Amanda, Vanessa, Jessalyn, Tiff, Patty, Chzen, Chiyo

o r d e r e d – Stuffed French Toast: country style french toast with strawberry compote and marscapone cheese, topped with fresh bananas and strawberries

Second Time with Family 

o r d e r e d – half portion of Baja Chicken Hash: corn tortilla, poached eggs, hollandaise, hash of chicken sausage, pepper, corn, served with cottage potatoes

o r d e r e d – half portion of Tuscan Omelette: chicken, sauteed mushrooms, melted brie, roasted tomato, top with avocado, served with cottage potatoes and fresh baked scone

Third Time with Liz and Travis

o r d e r e d – half portion of Eggs La Jolla: benedict with canadian bacon, mushrooms, spinach, roasted tomato, balsamic, served with cottage potatoes, housemade hollandaise

o r d e r e d – half portion of Crabcakes: wolferman’s english muffin, poached eggs, served with cottage potatoes, housemade hollandaise

I have heard recommendations for brunch at Hash House, so I will have to wait until my next visit to San Diego to try that place!


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