A Roller Coaster Ride

My job situation for the last four months has been a roller coaster ride…

May 16 – Good news, I’m safe from being pink-slipped! Bad news, my position is cut due to low enrollment for next school year, so I have to transfer schools in the district.

May 31 – On the last day of school, my principal tells me not to pack up my classroom because I might get to stay. Not wanting false hope, I move everything home.

June 1 – I am just about to return my keys and meet my new principal when HR offers me a chance to stay at my school. I gladly take the position that has opened up last minute.

June 12 – I am placed back in 3rd grade, a 360-degree circle from where I started.

August 3 – I pick up my keys and move back into the same classroom.

August 15 – I start the school year and have a great class of 17 eager-to-learn students!

August 28 – My school’s enrollment is under 85 students because a nearby charter school that opened up in August took away some students. My school has to cut two teachers, so I am the first to transfer schools because I am the newest hire.

Today was my last day at Washington Elementary. It was bittersweet to say goodbye to my coworkers and students from this year and last year (it was surprising that the students who were the most emotional today were my troublemakers last year). At the same time, I am thankful to still have a job and finally know where and what I will be teaching this year!

As of Monday, September 17, I’ll be the new Kindergarten teacher at Olinder Elementary!!! The school is north of Downtown SJ, about 15 minutes from home. I will be taking over an existing class of 20 students who has been with a substitute since the first day of school. Today I got the keys, checked out my new classroom, and thankfully caught the substitute after school to catch up on my class.

Next week, I will move out, prepare my new classroom, and lesson plan for Kindergarten. With moving schools and changing grade levels, I feel like I am starting all over again. When I headed into my teaching program, I thought I wanted to teach the youngest kids because I loved volunteering in a Kindergarten class during college. After teaching a year of 3rd grade where I pushed my students to read and write on their own, I’m not so sure about teaching the little ones and going back to the very basics from holding a pencil to counting to 20. I will have to see if Kindergarten turns out to be just what I wanted after all!

While it has been tiring to go through the ups and downs, anticipating to know whether my job was stable since the end of May, I am relieved to know that the roller coaster has settled down at least for the rest of this year (hopefully!). I thank you for your prayers!


6 thoughts on “A Roller Coaster Ride

  1. Dang. It’s crazy how we are in such an transitory time in our lives. I was just talking to one of my friends about how after college, everything is so uncertain and every year seems to be different. I want some stability in my life! But in any case, PTL for His continual provision! Praying for you for the year ahead :)


  2. My dear Laurel,

    What a roller coaster. Oh my goodness. Well, it looks like there are now three of us teaching kindergarten! Holy moly, we must be nuts!!!!! Let me know if there is anything I can help you with. Continuing to pray for strength in this and remembering that it is all in His plans!

    Love you,


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