I Can’t Believe I’m Teaching Kindergarten!

Ahhh I can’t believe it! My first day of teaching Kindergarten is finally this Monday. In the past week, I observed the long-term substitute and the Kindergarten teacher next door, which helped to calm my nerves down about teaching Kindergarten. I prepared my classroom, which included moving around furniture, decorating the walls, and getting all my teaching materials ready for this whole week’s lesson plans. I feel as ready as I can be! Thanks to Serena for all her help in my classroom, one year after another! We get a workout through it every time. If I have to move schools or even switch out of Kindergarten next year, I’m going to have a new classroom again… I hope not, I’m getting tired of this.

Take a look at my new classroom :)

Front door with cubbies on the left and parent info. board on the right

Side wall and teacher easel

Listening center, classroom library, and blocks

Playhouse and rainbow with high frequency words

Front wall, rainbow carpet, and student tables

Morning routine and focus walls

Whiteboard with today’s objectives

Student sink, technology cart, and behavior management wall

Teacher area (one pro about Kindergarten – restroom inside the classroom!)

Back wall and student tables

Student work and library book baskets

Writing wall


5 thoughts on “I Can’t Believe I’m Teaching Kindergarten!

  1. It looks wonderful! Teaching Kindergarten is a special calling. Pray continually :-) I love it. Your classroom looks great. SOOO big!!! Seriously, that is so nice. How many students will you have?


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