Living My Dream: An Answered Prayer Four Years Later

Starting my Thanksgiving week with a little stomach flu immediately after my school staff’s salad bar potluck on Tuesday (what can go wrong with salad?) wasn’t a great way to head into the much anticipated Thanksgiving holiday of feasting, but it didn’t ruin the joys of this holiday with my family and friends one bit. Thankfully, I felt well enough after 11 hours of sleep on Tuesday night to finish a short school day on Wednesday. I even had enough energy to stay up late catching up with my best friends, one of whom surprised us and flew home for the holiday from Wisconsin.

I woke up on Thanksgiving Day with weak knees, body ache and chills, and a small appetite at lunch, but thankfully I felt better after a three-hour nap to enjoy dinner at my mom’s church. It was encouraging to see a handful of friends that I had grown up with at this church growing in their walks with the Lord after leaving for college and now serving in their churches and fellowships. By Friday, I was feeling all better, eating normally, and enjoying the sweet company of close family friends over good food and great sharing of what God has done in our lives over the past year. All in all, Thanksgiving was such an encouragement to my mind and soul, and not to forget, a satisfaction to my stomach too.

In 2012, I am thankful to God for calming down my roller coaster at work from losing my 3rd grade job to getting it back to losing it again all at my old school and now getting a Kindergarten job at another school. I am most thankful to God for answering my prayers from four years ago so that I am now living my dream – being a Kindergarten teacher!

While volunteering in a Kindergarten class during my second year in college, I wanted to become a teacher for the youngest kids possible. That meant preschool or Kindergarten, but since I wouldn’t need a credential to teach preschool, I went for my credential so that I could teach from Kindergarten to 6th grade. During my graduate program, I learned more about myself and felt I was better suited to teach the upper grades after teaching 3rd and 5th grades in my student teaching. I am most definitely thankful that God provided me my first teaching job in 3rd grade, which I had the most student teaching experience in.

It came as a surprise that four years later when I finished my first year of teaching and thought I no longer wanted to teach Kindergarten, God placed me in a Kindergarten class! Now that I have survived two months in Kindergarten and definitely had my weeks of ups and downs, I am thankful that God answered my prayers in His timing and not mine.

Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday and found much to be thankful for this year!

I have been absent from my blog lately and this was a wordy post, so again I leave you with photos of my students’ art projects from October and November. Enjoy!

Geometry triangle leaves on trees made from construction paper

Pumpkins drawn from paint

Turkeys with ordinal #1-10 feathers and moveable heads with gold brads

Pictures of geometry shapes made from construction paper

House and car 

Garbage truck

Hoping to share more about teaching Kindergarten in posts to come!


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