Insanity for the Next 60 Days

The last time I really exercised besides playing a little softball with my church in October was probably my 8-mile hike up Potato Chip Rock in San Diego at the end of July.potatochiprockYeup, July! When my brother heard, he responded, “So you haven’t sweat since July??” After he put it that way, I was disgusted, thinking about the unhealthiness of my body, especially my heart and lungs, and the deterioration of all my muscles. It has now been at least a couple of weeks since that conversation, but still nothing has changed because of the busyness of work leading up to my last day before Winter Break on Friday. Plus it has been incredibly dark and cold outside by the time I get off work these days. The list of reasons that you may call me out on as excuses for not exercising can just keep going.

It is one week away from 2013, which means time to start thinking about some resolutions! I know that in order to get back into shape and be healthy during the new year, I have to start now so I can get my new habit into place by the time January 1 rolls around. At least by then my first week of soreness will have passed, so hopefully I won’t give up as easily.

I have heard so many raves about Insanity from one of my teacher friends who showed amazing energy from doing this program. I really need more energy to keep up with my students now that Kindergarten has become a full day from 9am-3pm. It is such a long day not only for them, but also for me! I also need to build up my immune system when I’m around them because germs spread quickly around our classroom. Two weeks ago, I had a remarkable 22 absences in one week out of my class of 20… crazy!

As of today, I am starting Insanity, a 60-day cardio-based total-body conditioning program.Insanity_CalendarThe Fitness Guide for Insanity says, “Warning: We believe this is the hardest workout ever put on DVD. If you can get through it, it will get you into the best shape of your life.” The last time I tried Insanity, I sat out after 5 minutes because it was way too hard for me. This time around I’m even more out of shape, but I’m pumping myself up to do this because I have to start somewhere and I want to see if Insanity proves to get me into the best shape ever, so it says. Maybe after I get back into shape, I can build up to running 5 miles like I used to frequently on this route with my high school cross-country team.goldentriangleWell, I will try to post updates about Insanity and let you know how these 60 days go!

3 thoughts on “Insanity for the Next 60 Days

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