Insanity: Fit Test 3

Finished 5 weeks of Insanity!!! Although it has been hard to fit in 45 minutes of Insanity after getting off work late these days and before having dinner, I have managed to never miss a day! The last 3 weeks since Fit Test 2 on January 7 haven’t been as sore or tiring as the first 2 weeks when I started out exercising again. My knees, which are usually the first to go weak when I run for long, are starting to feel stronger. I am building muscles in other areas like my quadriceps that have probably been non-existent since cross-country and track in high school. Honestly, there have been days when I do not feel like doing Insanity, but the strength, warmth, and energy I now feel from working out keeps me going. Plus, the progress I have been making in Insanity proves that these insane workouts are working for me!

Here are my results after 5 weeks compared to Fit Test 1 on December 24, 2012:

  1. Switch Kicks – 129 (+56 from 73)
  2. Power Jacks – 49 (+11 from 38)
  3. Power Knees – 90 (+37 from 53)
  4. Power Jumps – 34 (+13 from 21)
  5. Globe Jumps – 11 (+6 from 5)
  6. Suicide Jumps – 20 (+8 from 12)
  7. Push-Up Jacks – 21 (+15 from 6)
  8. Low Plank Oblique – 72 (+22 from 50)

Just when I started feeling more comfortable with all the Insanity moves from the first 5 weeks, today was my first day of the second month of Insanity. Now the set of videos are all new for the last 4 weeks left in my 60 days of Insanity. The newest moves are a combination of all the hardest moves put together from the first 5 weeks. I was forewarned that it was going to be much harder. Boy, whoever told me that was completely right. Today was killer and brutal! First was the fit test, which took 25 minutes. Then followed a new workout that was a full 60 minutes. An hour and 25 minutes of strenuous exercise with thankfully 30-second breaks and some stretching! I watched as the timer counted down ever so slowly while I could hardly keep up with the new video. I am not that excited for all the other new videos this week, which are each around 50 minutes long.

But my brother just completed his first half marathon this past Saturday, so I am very INSPIRED! He sometimes did Insanity with me when I first started around Christmas, and he found that Insanity helped him while he was training for the 13.1-mile run. You can read more about his Carlsbad Half Marathon on his new blog! My goal besides finishing these 60 days of Insanity is to be able to build up to running 5 miles like I did in high school. It’s sad that my peak of running was my junior year of high school when I was only 16, so here I am, perserving through my last 4 weeks of Insanity and getting excited to get back into running soon!


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