2013 Resolutions: January Progress Check

As I headed into 2013, a quote on my friend Tiff’s blog resonated with me:

“You can go all the way back through the history of the church and all the famous heroes of church history. You can be sure that all those men and women became godly men and women – not because God zapped them in some way that he hasn’t zapped you…Those great men and women of faith became more like Jesus the same way you and I do: by means of sustained, unspectacular, routine discipline. Godly people are godly people because they are disciplined people. It’s always been so.” –Donald Whitney in Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life

So here are my 3 New Year’s resolutions of 2013 and my progress at the end of January:

1. Complete 60 days of Insanity and run 5 miles.

I am now done with 6 weeks of Insanity! The second month has gotten much harder, but I will perserve through the last 3 weeks left. Hopefully, I will build up to running 5 miles after Insanity is over. You can read about my progress since Day 1 of the 60 days in my recent post, Insanity: Fit Test 3. It is exciting to see that some friends have also picked up Insanity recently, including Chzen who shared about her first experience with Insanity on her blog, Pastor Eric, Jenn, Hubert, Brian, and my brother Lawrence. You can all do it!

2. Read from Genesis to Revelation. 

At the end of last year, I was still trying to trek through the Bible from cover to cover at my own pace, which I had started more than 2 years ago. Without any structure in how much to read each day, I made it to Romans. This year, I decided to join in on my church’s Bible-in-a-year reading plan, so I started all over from Genesis. I have been keeping up with the plan, which is to read 2-3 chapters per day. I am thankful for accountability from Sam and Helen who have been checking up on me often. I finished reading through Genesis and Exodus and just started Leviticus.

3. Read 24 books. 

My one resolution last year was to read 12 books, but I ended up with 15 books. You can take a look at the list of books I read in 2012 here. My friend Anthony who reads A LOT, something like 60 books in a year, said 15 books was impressive and then encouraged me to double my intake! At first, I was intimidated to set a goal too high for myself because that would mean trying to fit in 9 more books than last year. I thought 20 books would be doable, but then I decided to take on the challenge! So far, I finished 2 books and started my third book. Please check out my Currently Reading page to see what books I finished and am reading right now.

I hope Donald Whitney’s quote above encourages you to keep up with your 2013 resolutions and pursue a disciplined life this year!


One thought on “2013 Resolutions: January Progress Check

  1. You are awesome!!!! Thank you for the encouragement. :)

    I gave up on Insanity… relatively quickly. It’s too repetitive for me, and I can’t will myself through the pain and boredom, hahah. BUT… after I read your post this week, I was motivated! & got through half a video. :P

    But I love this post! It really resonated with me. Discipline has definitely been I’ve been striving for the past year. Exercise and reading are among my goals as well. :)

    Jia yo, Laurel!!!


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