My 60 Days of Insanity

For the last 9 weeks since Christmas Eve, I have completed the 60-day Insanity program without skipping a workout! Much thanks to those of you who have kept me accountable without knowing that you have been helping me along the way. Simply by asking me about Insanity, your questions and check-ins have encouraged me to persevere through those 60 days. So here I’ll share my overall experience with Insanity — the before, during, and after!


Before starting Insanity on Christmas Eve, I had not exercised in months. The last workouts were at the end of July, which was when I ran 2 miles and hiked 8 miles up Potato Chip Rock in SD. Since then, I had not sweat much or done anything cardio. I signed up for Insanity because I was in desperate need of some exercise! My goal for doing Insanity was to get my body into shape so that I could start running again. Throughout college, I could comfortably run 3 miles, but I wanted to push myself to run 5 miles again like I used to every day in high school.


Time: It takes about 40 minutes in the 1st month and 60 minutes in the 2nd month. For most days, I managed to fit my workouts right after getting home from work and before having dinner.

Moves: Some moves come from sports like shooting a basketball, sprinting and jumping over a hurdle, skiing from side to side, and rock climbing. The worse of all the moves was side pushups because I couldn’t do them at all. Sometimes I had to modify my workouts when the moves were too hard. Either I kept up the same pace as the video but stopped when I couldn’t do any more, or I went half as slow as the video but kept moving the whole time.

Progress: The Fit Test, which tracks how many repetitions I can do in a minute for 8 moves, marked my progress every 2 weeks. I improved in all 8 moves each time I took the test except for Switch Kicks and Globe Jumps on the last day. Here are my results over 5 Fit Tests:

Insanity Progress

Appetite: When I started, I was very hungry at dinner so I ate a lot more than usual. To prevent from overeating, I learned from my brother to drink a cup of milk after my workout. In the 2nd month, my appetite returned slightly to normal since I was getting used to working out every day.

Body: I didn’t do Insanity for weight loss because I was already the lightest I have been in years. So I have actually gained 5-7 pounds from muscle weight. I gained muscles that were little used prior to Insanity. I think it toned my abs the most. And no, I did not take before and after photos!


For the last 2 days, I have been pushing myself to leave work earlier so that I could run outside while it’s still bright. I can already see the effects of doing Insanity! For the first time since high school, I am now able to run without music. Breathing and endurance have gotten easier, but my ankles and knees still feel funny by 1.5 miles, which has always been so since high school. Even though I am ready to stop at 2 miles, it has become easy to push myself to 3 miles on Monday and 3.6 miles yesterday. Five miles doesn’t seem a far way off now! I’m considering doing a half marathon, 13.1 miles, later this year, but I’m not ready to sign myself up for anything stupid haha.

Check out the Workout Log I started to keep track of my exercise!


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