I’m Not a Pet Person

Confession: I’m not that into pets…

I have never been one of those people who can stare at a dog or even a photo of a dog and go, “Aww! Sooo cute!!” for minutes. I’m usually one of those people who look away after a second and much rather play with a baby than a dog any day.

Growing up, my family only had goldfish. I think at one point we had 17, but they all died. Eventually, we stopped having them.

I don’t know how to take care of pets, and I think I’m slightly scared of them. One time when I was visiting my brother in SD, his housemate’s cat lept onto the chair I was sitting on after I got up. Because I didn’t know how to pick him up, I let the cat sit on my chair while I sat in a cramped position on the floor. (His housemate was out, and my brother was napping… what could I do??)

Then, I also hear about how sad people get when their pet dies because it’s supposed to be like a family member, but I don’t understand how much happiness a pet can bring in all those years when it will someday pass away during your lifetime. Why would you bring upon that sadness into your life? I know many of you disagree, but this is just my opinion!

So last July, my best friend Serena was excited to tell me that she was thinking of getting a dog. Our conversation went something like this…

Serena: “When I get a dog, you will be the first person I invite over!”

Me: “Uhh… I wouldn’t care.”

Serena took this to heart, and 3 months later when she got her red toy poodle, Hermès, I went WHAAAT! when I found out through Facebook just like everyone else.

Serena: “Well, I didn’t tell anyone. Plus I know you wouldn’t care!”

She was right though. For the first 3 months, I probably showed the littlest interest of all her friends in who she calls her “son,” and I squealed and flinched whenever I tried holding him.

In January, Serena got bunion surgery, which prevented her from getting out of the house much, so I started visiting her and Hermès almost every weekend. Over time, this cute little bunny-like puppy has grown on me, and ta-dah! I have come a long way for not being a pet person!

Laurel & Hermès

Photos courtesy of qoomui

Definitely read Serena’s side of the story here: Hermès grows on Laurel!


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