My First Basketball Game!

Warriors vs. Rockets

Went to my first basketball game last Friday to watch the Warriors vs. Rockets! Growing up, my dad and brother were Rockets fans because my brother was born in Houston. Since then, I liked the Rockets because Yao Ming was there and now Jeremy Lin and James Harden are there! Even though I was born and raised in the Bay Area, I never watched the Warriors even on TV, so Lin and Harden were the only players I knew. When they were off the court, I was lost as to who was who on the Warriors or the Rockets.

Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin #7!

James Harden

James Harden #13 (my favorite number)!

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry #30!

Regardless of that, it was exciting to go to my first basketball game! I already love watching basketball on TV, but it’s so different watching a game live! Our seats were surprisingly not too far. I thought the players would be more like ants, but we had a good view of the whole court from the first row of the top section. While watching the game live, it looks like the players are just having fun, and the time flies by! On TV, the cameras zoom up so close to the players sweating and panting that the game looks more intense and competitive, plus the commercials make me wait to find out what happens next.

I get more into the game when I’m watching at home though because I can shout and jump up and down for whichever team I want without having to mind the people around me. There were some hardcore Warriors fans around us who said we were blocking their view, even for the halftime show! Crazy. But then again, I would also get a lot more into the game if I was watching a team I knew better like the Celtics or Spurs! I tried looking up the next Warriors vs. Celtics game, but it looks like the Warriors are only playing Western teams now. I think I’m too late to catch the Celtics play live this season, but hopefully another time!

My First Basketball Game


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