Found Laurel Drive on My 7-Mile Adventure!

From one end…laureldrive1

…to the other!laureldrive2

Laurel’s actually a common street name. Over the years, I have heard from quite a few friends who have spotted my name on a street sign somewhere. I see Laurel Street when I go to the SD airport. I pass by Laurel Road whenever I drive down to Santa Cruz for the beach or retreat. And even more random, but cool, I just found out that Laurel is a ghost town in Santa Cruz County, California! Look at wiki here!

Sometime after moving to this city, I found Laurel Drive close to my house on the map. I never took the time to go over there and check out the houses on that street, but I wondered what it would be like to live on a street with my name! I guess it’s not as exciting if the residents in that area don’t pronounce it the same way as I do. I’m assuming they pronounce it as “lo-rel” like the plant used to make laurel wreaths.

So last Friday while I was out for a long run around my neighborhood, I decided to run over there and take a look at the houses. It was a peaceful street with small single family houses, and I even saw one house on sale. In the process of my running adventure to find Laurel Drive, I made a new record and ran 7 miles in 1 hour, 6 minutes!! A half marathon is coming along the way!


2 thoughts on “Found Laurel Drive on My 7-Mile Adventure!

  1. Love finding little surprises on runs. Girl, 7 miles, you are passing me up, I need to get on it! Doing a 5k on Saturday, April 6th in SD and then guess what? I get to see you the following weekend, I am elated!


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