A Beautiful Day at University of the Pacific

I have heard about UOP, the legendary university for dentistry, pharmacy, and such for years, and I finally got a chance to visit the campus a few Saturdays ago! My close family friend, Paige, is in her second year at UOP and recently joined a professional music fraternity, so I went to watch her perform in a concert with all the other new pledges. Have you watched PItch Perfect?? I loved that movie! When other music fraternities sang to the new pledges as a form of initiation, it felt like a scene out of that movie. Anyway, I enjoyed every bit of her concert, which went with the theme, “Welcome to the Movies!” They played specially arranged songs from The Hobbit, Titantic, Skyfall, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Disney movies! Since Paige is like a younger sister because I have known her all her life, it was awesome to see her in her new phase of life, showing off her musical talents on the violin and her dorm room! After her concert, I walked around campus, caught glimpses of live jazz performances at the annual Brubeck Festival and a wedding photo shoot, and ate lunch at the canteen. Here are some photos to share from my visit:

UOP_signUOP_clockUOP_library UOP_fratrockUOP_baunhallUOP_jazzfestivalUOP_bikeUOP_compassUOP_knoleshallUOP_burnstowerUOP_paigeUOP_tiger


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