Chromatic Coffee

Chromatic Coffee: 5237 Stevens Creek Boulevard, Santa Clara, CA 95051. (408) 248-4500.


ordered – El Salvador – La Reforma Largo (Jane & me)chromaticcoffee_menuchromaticcoffee_lareformalargo

ordered – Latte (Calandra)chromaticcoffee_latte

ordered – Cafe brûlée (Priscilla)chromaticcoffee_cafebrulee

Enjoyed our first meeting for the South Bay book club with Esther, Jane, Priscilla, and Calandra last Saturday! A group of us will be meeting every other Saturday morning from April until October to discuss a book called Relationships: A Mess Worth Making. I am excited to meet up with some Pillar sisters outside of church while building accountability and discussing a book more in depth. I am usually breezing through books on my own, so it will be nice to take a step back and reflect on what I am reading some more. While we are meeting, we will be checking out coffee shops around Santa Clara, Cupertino, and Sunnyvale, so I’ll be posting more about coffee on the way!

Our first stop was Chromatic Coffee, which is a short drive from my house. The coffee shop was spacious with a lot of seating indoors and a few tables outdoors. Of the 3 drip coffees offered, I went with El Salvador – La Reforma Largo because the barista said that the flavor of the coffee will be strong even after I add cream. The coffee turned out to be just right, not too strong or watered down at all. I think all the other girls enjoyed their drinks too. I liked watching the baristas make art on the latte and use a blow torch to burn the caramelized sugar on the cafe brûlée.

Cheers to the Sisterhood of the Traveling Coffee Drinkers!


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