SD Eats: Mitch’s Seafood

Been back from spending Spring Break in SD for a few weeks now and I always enjoy visiting my brother and trying all the goood eats there!! First stop, Mitch’s Seafood in Point Loma!

Mitch’s Seafood: 1403 Scott Street, San Diego, CA 92106. (619) 222-8787.


ordered  Clam chowder bowl ($5)mitchsseafood_clamchowder

ordered  Crab cake sandwich ($10)mitchsseafood_crabcakesandwich

ordered  Fisherman’s stew: Yellowtail, shrimp, clams, mussels, and calamari in a tomato white wine broth, served with sourdough ($15)mitchsseafood_fishermansstew

I love grabbing fresh seafood down in SD every time I visit! One of my favorite spots is Point Loma Seafoods, which I have visited a few times because I like to keep returning for their clam chowder and crab sandwich. That place is one of the most popular in SD when it comes to fresh seafood. But this time, we checked out Mitch’s Seafood, which is right next door to Point Loma Seafoods. It’s hidden off the main road, so I heard that only the locals know about it! The view of the boats outside was beautiful, but it was a rare chilly day when I landed in SD, so we sat inside.

Everything for the most part was delicious! The clam chowder was smooth and good with quite some clams. The crab cake sandwich was generous with 2 crab cakes inside. The difference between the crab cake sandwich and the crab cake appetizer is only $1, so I think the sandwich is more worth it because you get bread and coleslaw (if you happen to like coleslaw, but I don’t). The only thing was that the yellowtail and shrimp were a bit overcooked in the Fisherman’s stew, but I guess that happens because it’s been stewed? Either way, the bread dipped with the stew was really tasty and the generous amount of seafood made it well-priced. Overall, I was happy to try a new place of fresh seafood down in Point Loma!


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