NEW YORK: George Washington Bridge, Joe’s Shanghai

Finished my second year of teaching on Friday and landed in New York late Saturday night, ready for my summer break to get started!! I wouldn’t say NY is a relaxing vacation spot for me because I always have so many places I want to see and eat that I pack my trip tight, but it’s all very worth it! I also really enjoy spending time with my relatives who thankfully took off from work this time to take us around the city!

On Day 1, we drove a little more than an hour to Woodbury Outlets in Upstate NY. There was an extensive directory of brand names, so we only had time to visit the stores that we most wanted to shop. On the way to and back from the outlets, we drove on the George Washington Bridge and caught a glimpse of the NY skyline, which is beautiful!

George Washington BridgeNY_georgewashingtonbridge

After spending the whole afternoon at the outlets, we came back in traffic and had a late dinner at Joe’s Shanghai in Flushing. It is a MUST for me to come here every time I visit NY because it was my dad’s favorite restaurant in NY and the pork and crab xiao long baos are aaamazing! Typically I have gone to the location in Chinatown, but the one in Flushing was just as good.

Joe’s Shanghai: 13621 37th Avenue, Flushing, NY 11354. (718) 539-3838.NY_joe'sshanghai


3 thoughts on “NEW YORK: George Washington Bridge, Joe’s Shanghai

  1. How wonderful! I will hopefully be visiting New York in the near future as a dear friend has moved out there for Medical school. Also, I will go down the East Coast and visit my family/where I used to live, Washington DC. Looks like you are having a spectacular time :-)


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