NEW YORK: Bronx Zoo

Visited the Bronx Zoo for my first time to accompany my two-year-old niece on Day 4! When my cousin Jess woke up, she wanted to hype up the zoo to my niece, so she pretended to be a lion and RAWRRRed into my niece’s face. By the time I woke up to tell my niece that we were going to the zoo, she responded by crying hysterically… thanks to Jess. After her parents reassured her that she would get to see many cool animals at the zoo, she became excited to go. When we got there, she thankfully wasn’t scared of the animals. We enjoyed a beautiful day out, considering it had rained every other day we were in NY. Wednesday was also a good day to go because admission is by donation all day. Enjoy the photos I took with my brother’s DSLR!

NY_bronxzoo1 NY_bronxzoo2 NY_bronxzoo3 NY_bronxzoo4


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