Staying in Kindergarten in the Same Classroom!

Before school was out, I found out that I will be returning to Kindergarten this year! On the last day of work, my principal offered me the new Transitional Kindergarten position to teach those little ones who are slightly younger than the cut off to enter Kindergarten. I turned down the offer because I want to stay in the same grade level for once! She then told me that I might have to change classrooms to give the new TK teacher a classroom with a restroom, which meant that either my coworker next door or I would have to move when we return to work in August.

I am so relieved to find out today that we will both be staying in our same classrooms! Thank God! My coworker next door and I collaborated so well last year, and it would have been a waste of time and just plain inconvenient to walk over to each other’s classrooms every time we wanted to share materials and ideas. It has been a huge blessing to have this coworker next door who was so gracious to share everything last year when I was new to teaching Kindergarten.

I’m so so thankful for a smooth transition towards my 3rd year of teaching! Hopefully there will be no chaotic, last-minute changes… like switching grade levels, classrooms, and schools 4 weeks into the school year, which happened last year. I am trying to make the most of my last week of summer before I will have to start prepping for work next week. First day of work for teachers is August 8, and first day with my new students is August 14. Feeling both excited and anxious!


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