My Dad is My Inspiration

On Saturday, I went to listen to a guest speaker talk about finances at my mom’s church. I wasn’t willing to go up until the last minute because I didn’t want to hear a talk on finances, especially since it would be in Chinese and I knew I wouldn’t understand much. Although I was right and got lost when he started talking about stocks and all these financial terms in Chinese, I didn’t entirely regret going. Unknowingly, an auntie from my mom’s church was invited to share her testimony before the speaker came on, and to my surprise, her testimony had to do with my dad!

In 2005, Auntie was diagnosed with stage 3 of colon cancer after not feeling well at a Memorial Day BBQ. She started 12 treatments of chemotherapy shortly after being diagnosed. At the time, she and her husband were not yet believers. However, they had met another uncle and my dad through learning tai chi from the same mentor. This uncle and my dad attended the same church that my mom is still attending today.

During her time of sickness, this uncle and my dad reached out to Auntie and her husband by sharing the Gospel, praying, and reading the Bible with them. They shared about Auntie’s cancer at church so that fellow brothers and sisters could pray for her even though they had not met her. Auntie recalls that even though my dad was busy with work, he visited her multiple times and encouraged her to trust God and put her hope in Christ. She had reached her lowest point in life when she found out she had cancer at a time when her husband had lost his job for 18 months and they were having complications with health insurance. Despite that, my dad told her that he “believed God will lead the way.” That encouragement sparked her curiosity to know God.

After recovering from her treatments and feeling all better, Auntie and her husband eventually started coming out to my parents’ church. They were overwhelmed by the love and support through constant prayers from the church, but they ultimately experienced God’s love for them. So some time later, they became believers! It is now nine years later, and she feels blessed to be able to share her testimony as a cancer survivor!

That’s as many details as I remember, but her testimony moved me and made me feel proud of my dad! He had the intentionality and boldness to preach Christ and the gifts of inspiring people and bringing joy to others simply by being around them. Usually I can’t put my thoughts together to write about my dad on Father’s Day, his birthday, or the day he passed away, but I am writing this post today to remember God’s faithfulness and sovereignty amidst the trials of battling cancer for Auntie and my dad. Praise God for having blessed me with a faithful and inspirational dad that I admire and follow! ♥

To read another post I wrote about my dad last year, read Manhood.

For his eulogy, the slideshow of his life in photos with a song he wrote, and my brother’s words at the memorial service, read Memories of My Father.


One of my favorite photos with my dad – four months before he passed away in October 2010


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