Preparing for My Third Year of Teaching

Picked up my keys to set up my classroom today, which means summer is ending already!!

I’m still thankful that I get to stay in the same classroom, but I had to go in before work starts on Thursday to set up my classroom back to the way it normally is. Before we left for the summer, we had to push all our furniture to one side of the room, so that they could do deep cleaning on the carpet and tile floors. Here’s the mess I returned to in August:kinderclassroomsummer After spending 4 hours, here’s a 360° of my classroom, all ready for my 3rd year of teaching!kinderclassroom360For more close up photos, my classroom pretty much looks the same as last year, so you can take a look here: I Can’t Believe I’m Teaching Kindergarten!

I also found out that my roster is up! I currently have 15 students, 10 boys and 5 girls. Typically the more boys, the more rowdiness… so I am really hoping for some more girls in order to even out the makeup of my class. I can still fit 5 more students in my class since our Title I school has extra funding to keep our class size at a maximum of 20 students for another year, yay!

With the first day of school quickly approaching in one week, I’m slightly nervous since I haven’t yet taught the first month of Kindergarten because I transferred late into Kindergarten last year. For now, I’m just trying to get back into my sleeping schedule, which is about 3 hours off during the summer, ecks! Not thrilled at all for 7 hours of district training on Thursday and Friday, but I am excited to spend a whole day out with friends tomorrow since it’s my last day of summer!


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