My Many 2014 Resolutions

New year, new start! Something about the new year gets everyone hyped up about starting fresh and becoming a better person, and for some reason I don’t know why yet, I feel that more so this year than any other year. I have many 2014 resolutions! The first 3 goals overlap from 2013 because I didn’t finish all of my resolutions last year (See my post, 2013 Year in Review). However, I completed Insanity and ran 8 miles at the beginning of the year and read 7 books and finished up to Proverbs by the end of the year… so yay, there were some accomplishments!

1. Finish reading through the Bible from cover to cover – Continue from Ecclesiastes and hopefully make it to Revelation by the end of the year, instead of starting all over from Genesis

2. Run more – Don’t have a concrete goal for this yet… Thinking about doing a half marathon, but I’m too scared to say I’ll do it and then fail to go through with it haha. So for now, it means just getting off my lazy bum, sticking it out in the cold, bearing through the pain, and mentally pushing myself to run farther each time… instead of my last 4-month hiatus of running or any exercise.

3. Read 24 books – In 2012, I went from not reading at all to finishing 15 books. My friend Anthony then challenged me to read more, so 2 books each month should be doable?

4. Write more by blog or journal – By this, I mean recording more memories down so I can remember them and being more efficient when I blog because I’m super nitpicky about grammar.

5. Cook more – Feeling rusty in the kitchen, so I want to learn some new dishes and cook for friends and family (See my first post of 2014, The Start of Cooking More)

6. Learn Spanish – My friend Cheryl told me last month about Duolingo, a language-learning app that I downloaded on my phone, so I have been reviewing French (took 7 years of French!) and learning Spanish. I like the app because I have found it a lot more engaging and useful than the library books, which taught me, “Where is the bar? hotel?” as if I was a tourist. I want to learn Spanish so that I can communicate with some of my students’ Spanish-only parents. Now I know, “Buenos dias! Tu eres una mujer. Los ninos comen una manzana. Yo bebo agua. Adios!” (which means “Good morning! You are a woman. The boys eat an apple. I drink water. Goodbye!”) Hahaha a little more practical for a teacher… I’m getting off to a good start, right?

7. Learn how to play the guitar – I have majorly failed at this for a long time. A year ago, an uncle taught me the basic chords, but I forgot most of them, so I had to relearn them, using Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar app on my phone. Every time I pick it up again, I give up soon after because I haven’t built those calluses and it hurts my fingers when I play. Last month, I managed to play “The Wonderful Cross” by Chris Tomlin, and my brother could tell the chords apart, but he said I need to learn how to strum. I need to practice a lot more!

Okay, that’s A LOT of goals for 2014, and I hope I don’t get lost in thinking about these goals and not putting them into action. So please, I ask for your accountability with my resolutions this year!


7 thoughts on “My Many 2014 Resolutions

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  2. Believe it or not, I can relate to all your resolutions! I’m trying to set my bar a little low this year though so I don’t get so discouraged my first year, but these are all things I want to do as well :p

    1. I’m starting with OT this year. I hope to achieve cover to cover soon!
    2. I’m starting to go to the gym! Hopefully I’ll build on endurance to run for longer periods of time!
    3. I got a kindle for my birthday this year and am hoping that my account will help me a little more!
    4. I started my blog up again! Woohoo! I too have a horrible memory and I don’t have the patience for my slow handwriting trying to keep up with all the thoughts in my head.
    5. Oh mann… I’ve been downloading recipe apps on my ipad :p It’s so hard to start!!!
    6. I use Duolingo for Spanish! I was able to understand all your sentences! Woohoo :) Follow me and keep me accountable!
    7. LOL! I have a guitar I borrowed from my friend in college that I haven’t touched for awhile. I always stop after trying to pick it up again because it hurts and I get discouraged that it doesn’t really sound like a song ):

    I’m SUPER excited to see you keep these resolutions! It will give me much encouragement to set my bar much higher next year and possibly even add a few new goals this year :)


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