Chinese Barbecued Pork Fried Rice 叉燒炒飯

Slightly embarrassed to be posting this simple meal because a good amount of my friends are much more experienced in the kitchen than I am, but I want to document the tiny successes towards one of my new year’s resolutions to cook more!

Mom was going to make this for dinner, and since I know how to make this from college, I happily volunteered to cook dinner again tonight. I don’t prefer cooking Chinese because I find it so hard, but this is probably the easiest of all Chinese dishes. You only need as little as 4 ingredients: rice, egg, frozen peas, and a type of meat, or in this case, Chinese barbecued pork. Mom says that cooking fried rice is best when you use leftover rice because freshly cooked rice is mushier and harder to stirfry. That makes it an easy meal to cook when you have leftover rice in the fridge and grab some barbecued pork from the local Chinese markets. As easy as this was, I held the bottle of soy sauce with my non-dominant hand and accidentally tipped a little too much soy sauce into the rice. Thankfully, Mom has this type of soy sauce that adds color and not much saltiness, so it turned out looking and tasting just right!


Today, I am thankful for: chatting with an old college friend, physical and mental endurance to run 3 miles, another opportunity to cook dinner for Mom, free time over Winter Break to work on my many 2014 resolutions, friends who have decided to pick up blogging


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