Winter Break is Over Already?

That’s what happens when I don’t go anywhere over the holidays. Since my dad passed away, my family has traveled and spent the holidays with relatives, or at least somewhere away from home. We were in Sydney, Australia in 2010, Hong Kong in 2011, and San Diego in 2012. This was my first entire Winter Break spent at home in the past 4 years, and the holidays felt a lot quieter this year. Time ends up flying by so fast when I sleep in and laze around the house, and before you know it, Winter Break is over already. I’m not complaining though… I am very thankful for the two weeks that I had off from work and the quality time spent with friends and family :) Here’s a recap of my Winter Break with some photos I took over the last 2 weeks!

  • Slept in and lounged in bed in the mornings
  • Cleaned my room and threw away old junk
  • Hung out with Pillar family over white elephant gift exchange, Christmas mini-meal, etc.
  • Enjoyed hot pot dinner at a family friend’s house


  • Watched Elysium and really liked it
  • Brother was home for 3 sweet days and enjoyed Mom’s home-cooked tong yuan 湯圓


  • Laughed so hard that I cried every day my brother was home
  • Played lots of games – ping pong, multiple rounds of Nertz, Speed Scrabble, etc.
  • Spent Christmas Eve with closest family friends
  • Visited Dad twice, on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day
  • Opened presents with my family


  • Caught up with two of my best friends (Na came home for Christmas from Milwaukee!)


  • Spent a day with Mom in Palo Alto, shopping at Stanford and trying Oren’s Hummus Shop


  • Reunited with Berean friends living in Norcal and visiting from Irvine
  • Reunited with 3 high school friends and tried Los Gatos Meats


  • Knocked out after trying this Vietnamese dinner on NYE… don’t know what was in it


  • Managed to stay up for the countdown and had a quiet NYE at home with Mom


  • Started on my many 2014 resolutions, mostly to run more, write more, and cook more
  • Finally finished what my mom asked me to do for months – sent our 2013 photos to print
  • Attended a Pillar sister’s baptism
  • Said “See you!” to Erica and Ben who are starting a new adventure in Singapore


Now it’s time to go back to the early sleeping hours of a grandma!


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