First Week After Winter Break

I survived my first week back to work! It was hard adjusting back to my early sleeping hours and waking up when 7 AM outside looks like the middle of the night. I got through the week because my students were surprisingly good coming back from Winter Break. They earned a class reward on Friday, which normally takes them a few weeks to earn (For this time, they voted to go to the playground at the park next to our school). Now if only they could always be this amazing…

Also, my students made paper snowflakes for art on Friday, which turned out to be really difficult because my little ones haven’t developed strong fine motor skills to cut multiple layers of paper. They did a good job and put in a lot of effort, so I turned my classroom into Winter Wonderland after school to display their hard work. I can’t wait to see their excited faces on Monday!20140110_classroomwinterwonderlandMy first week back to work was extra tiring because I gave up a free weekend of sleeping in and getting a break from work to attend California Teachers Association’s Good Teaching Conference from Friday after school to Sunday noon! Last year, I attended the same conference for free with a CTA scholarship for new teachers and learned a lot, so I decided to go again this year! Thankfully, I had the company of my closest coworker, and we received funding from our local union to attend the conference for free. We enjoyed 3 full course meals, attended 5 workshops, and took away some new ideas on how to bring in drawing, parent involvement, PE, writing, and children’s literature (and a few free copies of children’s books!) into our classrooms.

Other than teaching, I have spent much of my free time working on my many 2014 resolutions!

  • I am in the middle of Ecclesiastes.
  • I am learning Spanish and reviewing French on Duolingo, so sometimes I mix up the two, but I got to practice a few sentences in Spanish with my bilingual coworkers this week.
  • I practiced guitar and piano once this week.
  • I can run up to 3 miles now, and I made a new record from my time of 30:19 on January 3 to 27:12 on January 9. I don’t know how I shaved 3 minutes off my 3 miles after a week of no exercise, but I must have had a lot to de-stress after my first week back to work!
  • I finished my first book, and here’s my quick review of the book below!

Out of a Far Country by Christopher Yuan and Angela Yuan

My brother recommended this book on his blog post, Reading Blitz, and lent the book to me over Thanksgiving. After I finally picked it up to read last week, it was such an easy read that I wanted to keep reading to find out what happens at the end! It was a great and heart-touching book written by a son and mother who share their unique testimonies while facing a very relevant topic in our society today. It was humbling to see the drastic transformations in their lives and encouraging to remember that God works in miraculous ways! I recommend this book too!

On a side note, today would have been my parents’ 34th anniversary, so it is a day to remember and celebrate the 30 good years of marriage my parents had! Sending some love to Mom ♥

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