My Students Humor Me

Yesterday, a student came in to class and gave me a small box beautifully wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper with red and green ribbons and a big green bow. No card, but in black pen, there were the tiny words “Miss Hui” written next to the bow. It turned out to be cute owl jewelry with this necklace and earrings set, which goes perfectly with our mascot, the Owls!

Today, another student came in to class and gave me a box of Valentine’s Day chocolates that he pulled out of his backpack. Again, no card, but lots of mini Snickers, Milky Way, and Twix (one of my favorites!). I have been having a chocolate craving these days, so I already ate a few at school even though I have been fighting a sore throat this week… haha oops.

It is almost the end of January, and I am randomly receiving presents! A Christmas present that is a month late and a Valentine’s Day present that is 3 weeks early! I guess my students were at the store and told their parents that they wanted to get a present for their teacher? Or maybe the student today saw the student yesterday give me a present, so he wanted to do the same?? No matter what, I am super thankful for the random generosity and love from my students!!


Another thing happened today! My students were making penguins during art when some of them got so into the music (guiltily playing One Direction haha) that they stopped doing their work and started dancing out of their seats! It just so happened that they earned another class reward yesterday, so I told them that if they really wanted to dance, they could vote for a dance party as their class reward. The whole class got so excited about the idea, even the students I thought wouldn’t want to dance. Sure enough, they went back to work to finish up their penguins and then voted for the dance party! We had so much fun, sweated a lot, and got some exercise in as we learned the cupid shuffle and danced to some of today’s top hits. I turned off the lights and projected my iTunes visualizer, which they thought looked like fireworks in the sky haha. I never thought I would have a dance party with my students, but it is never a dull moment in teaching!


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