Celebrating the 100th Day of School

Today, my class celebrated the 100th day of school! It was a big deal for my little ones, especially those who didn’t attend preschool because now they have made it through 100 days of their first school experience. Even though the first month of helping my students transition to school is exhausting (See my post, Survived the First Month of Kindergarten), the growth that they have made since the first day of school makes teaching Kindergarten so rewarding in the end!

It was my first all-day experience of celebrating the 100th Day, and I survived without a headache! It was nice to take a break from our regular curriculum and daily routines to have some special 100th Day fun with my students.

We put together 100th Day books! Pairs of students rotated around 10 centers in the classroom to complete 10 different activities.

  1. Write numbers to 100 by tens
  2. Draw 10 things
  3. Write 10 words
  4. Connect a dot-to-dot with numbers to 100 by tens
  5. Make 10 stamps
  6. Draw 10 black dots
  7. Color 10 stars
  8. Count to 10 with their fingers
  9. Choose 10 favorite stickers
  10. Understand that 10 pennies make a dime

We counted to 100 by tens and made 100th Day hats!

We made a banner that says, “I’m 100 Days Smarter!”

We counted to 100 by ones and made 100th Day Froot Loops necklaces!

At home, we also put 100 items on a poster by making 10 groups of 10! (See last year’s post of 100 posters, My Students are 100 Days Smarter!)

Celebrating the 100th Day means that more than half of the school year is over and 80 days are left until summer vacation :P For now, I will just look forward to February Break in 2 weeks!


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