Accidentally Ran 6.35 Miles

Last year, I started off great with finishing Insanity in February and running up to 8 miles in April. After that, my exercise pretty much went downhill. I went months without running from May to July and from August to December. I am not sure if it is because I set one of my 2014 resolutions to run more or if I need to de-stress from work, but lately I have an itch to get off work early, run outside before the sun sets, and get some fresh air if I don’t run after a couple of days.

Here is my workout log in January with running 24.56 miles total! I had to take a 10-day break because I was on the verge of getting sick. In January, I built my mileage from 2 miles on Dec 23 to my longest distance of 4.53 miles and shaved a minute off my pace to set my record at 9:01.


Today, the GPS on my mapmyrun app wouldn’t connect, so I started my run without waiting for it to track my distance. I wanted to run 5 miles to beat my record of the longest distance in January. To the best of my memory, I ran a 5-mile route around my house that I had mapped out a few weeks ago (I use USATF Map It). I felt good for most of my run and only felt a little dull pain probably in my achilles tendon near the end. After getting home, I mapped out my run and found out that I ran 6.35 MILES instead of the 5 miles I had anticipated! I will probably have to rest the next few days to prevent injury since I increased mileage too quickly from 4.5 miles last Thursday. But I am feeling extra good for making a new record for my longest distance of the year and I ran almost halfway of a half marathon (13.1 miles)! I have not signed up for a half marathon this year, but I might when I feel more confident that I can survive!


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