Group Guitar Lesson

Tonight, I went to a group guitar lesson suggested by my family friend who has been teaching me how to play the guitar (I think it has been 2 lessons in the past year because I wasn’t practicing). Guitar Center offers a free, hour-long class for those just starting out on guitar. I was hesitant about the experience because I have never been to Guitar Center and I wondered how many people would show up, but it was FREE and conveniently close to my house, I had free time, and I need to make more progress on one of my many 2014 resolutions – learn how to play the guitar!

About 10 people showed up, ranging from mid-60’s to elementary school kids. We met inside the acoustic room with guitars all over the walls. We could use one of their guitars or bring our own, so I brought my dad’s old guitar which has been changed to thinner strings for me. I was afraid my fingers would be sorer than they usually are if I played another guitar with thick strings again. The instructor taught introductory skills, such as instrument care, proper playing position, tuning, basic strumming, and chords. What I took away was learning to play the basic chords of E major (but I forgot them all because I need to have the visuals of the guitar tabs to remember) and practicing as often as I can will help me to build callouses… one day. I can’t wait until the day my fingers and hand muscles are no longer feeling sore!

I also learned how nice (or should I say coveted?) my dad’s Guild guitar is! My instructor told me it was popularly made before I was born and it is one of the better quality guitars, but it has been discontinued for years. The employee who checked my guitar in and out of the store also said I was fortunate to start out with such a nice guitar and Guild is one of his two favorite guitar brands. When I came home, my mom said that my dad bought the guitar for around $500, which was $$$ to spend on a guitar when they were just trying to get by financially at the time. My dad spent over 20 years playing and singing along to this guitar, which was very dear to him. I wish I had wanted to learn how to play the guitar earlier so that I could have learned from him when he was still here. But it’s never too late and I’m sentimental, so I’m thankful to have his guitar passed down to me!

Until I can dig up the hard copy of this photo, here is a screenshot from a video of my dad and his Guild guitar in 1995! Sorry it’s so blurry.


The introductory class ended up being fun and helpful! If you’re interested, all Guitar Center stores will be holding group guitar lessons every Saturday in March and group ukelele lessons these last two Saturdays in February. See the schedule for the Music Mentor series here – link

Yay for trying something new and picking up one of my dad’s hobbies!


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