Valentine’s Day 2014

This morning, I gave my mom a surprise Valentine’s Day breakfast with heart-shaped toast, over easy eggs, and a simple fruit salad with apples and oranges. This was the smallest act of appreciation for the many things my mom does for me all year round! Thank you, Mom!!


This week, I reminded my students to bring 20 Valentine cards, one for every student in the class. Some of them responded to me, “Or you can bring twenty-ONE!” haha they were so cute and excited to tell me that they were bringing me a card too! The boy who brought me the box of Valentine’s Day chocolates 3 weeks early in my post, My Students Humor Me, also brought me a sweets tower of kettle corn, candy, and chocolate 2 week early. This boy’s family is so generous and kind, and they went overboard with Valentine’s Day haha! Today, I also got cards, balloons, and lots and lots of chocolate from my other students.

As a teacher, Valentine’s Day is such a big deal for these little ones, so I had to give them something like I have always done in the past (see my handmade Valentine cards for my first year of teaching in my 2012 Valentine’s Day post). I didn’t want to give my students more candy after already giving them candy from my family’s candy box and chocolate coins in their red envelopes for my Chinese New Year presentation last week. So this year, I rounded up some little goodies and made these handmade cards with the help of fancy craft scissors, some stamps, and a heart craft stamp. Keeping it simple and making these earlier this week made the holiday less stressful!

20140214_valentines 20140214_valentinescloseup 20140214_valentinescard

Happy Valentine’s Day to you

and happy birthday to Hubert!!


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