My Best Friend Na is Engaged!

Congratulations to my best friend Nadia and her fiancé Joby!


I will never forget how I “met” my best friend’s boy for the first time when I accidentally stumbled into their google hangout while they were keeping in touch over long distance in summer 2011. The “uh… what the… hello! Na, you didn’t actually invite me to this hangout?” was so awkward that I left the video chat after a few minutes and had this gchat conversation with Na on the side. Thankfully, the three of us were down to video chat again and this time I got to really meet Joby.


Two years later, after missing out on a day trip to SF with my besties to meet Joby who was visiting the bay in summer 2012, I finally met Joby in person for the first time in October 2013 over enormous slices of pizza and locally-made root beer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin!


On February 8, 2014, they got engaged!!!!!!

20140208_engagementgiftCard and photo frame designed by qoomui from the bebes (Lala, Ser, and Jams)

We wish that we could have been in Milwaukee to give you a big hug, scream for you, and most of all, celebrate with you on this joyous occasion. But thanks to the internet, we are thankful to have been a part of your engagement day from many miles away, and we send our love and support your way! Na, we are so blessed to have your friendship for more than 23 years and to have walked in this journey with you to witness God’s sovereignty and goodness in your life. We are so happy for you, and we look forward with eagerness to celebrate with you on your big day!


YES, it is my honor to be your bridesmaid!! Love the snail mail, thanks Nana! ♥


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