Grace’s Breakfast-in-Bed Bridal Shower

Feeling bittersweet that Grace is leaving NorCal in 3 days, but getting married in a month :)

Popping the bottle! (Hahaha her expression!)20140426_gracesbridalshower4

Eating breakfast food!20140426_gracesbridalshower1

Laughing away during the creative games!20140426_gracesbridalshower6

Celebrating the bride-to-be!20140426_gracesbridalshower3

Seeing old friends! 20140426_gracesbridalshower2

Thank you to Grace’s bridesmaids!20140426_gracesbridalshower5


One thought on “Grace’s Breakfast-in-Bed Bridal Shower

  1. Awwww Laurel I was so happy and thankful I got to see you this weekend!!!!! And very happy we have the cyber world to keep us updated on each other’s lives :) Clicking that follow button as soon asap!!


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