Trudged Up Horse Heaven Trail to Mission Peak

Hiked Mission Peak for the first time 2 years ago (See my post, Conquering Mission Peak) and thought the trail with its steady incline was just the right intensity, but I was sore for a few days. I went up two more times since then, and it seems to have gotten easier each time. Little did I know there is a way steeper route to Mission Peak called the Horse Heaven Trail… as if the normal route isn’t enough! We took on the challenge and made it to the top! Felt accomplished and productive on a Saturday morning, especially after missing out on sleeping in at the start of this 3-day weekend. ‘Twas fun, hiking with good company and chillin’ with Pillar friends :)

Before the hike!IMG_5879

From the bottom to the top of the first steepest hill on Horse Heaven Trail20140524_horseheaventrail

Right after the first steepest hill, the first of a few breaks hahaIMG_5884

A so-called creek, much more scenic than the normal routeIMG_5885

We made it to the top!!!IMG_5889IMG_5891

Peter’s first (and hopefully not only) time up Mission Peak!IMG_5896IMG_5897

FAIL hahahahaIMG_5898

Jumping series taken by Tiff P! Watch Jono and everyone’s expressions staying the same LOL20140524_jumpingseries

Added two more people to the group!IMG_5906

After the hike!IMG_5907

Kept the fellowship going over lunch and boba after the hike!IMG_5909

Don’t know how sore I will be tomorrow… but happy Memorial Day weekend!


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