Safely Home From Seattle and Vancouver

Left Vancouver at 5:30am, thankfully crossed the U.S. border with no line, and made it back to Seattle with spare time for last-minute shopping at Pike Place Market! But then… got a flat tire on our rental car 10 miles from the airport on our way to catch our flights, found a super nice mechanic at a collision center that happened to be right off the first exit of the freeway to put on the spare tire, returned our rental car at the airport, rushed through security to find out the last-minute gifts we bought couldn’t go in our carry-ons, mom went back to check in the bag while I stayed past security and waited nervously to see if she would make it back in time, and then we made our flight! We had a smooth and then crazy hectic morning, but thank God we are home sweet home!!! God is so gracious to take care of us every step of the way! We enjoyed a great time and relaxing vacation with family while exploring Seattle and Vancouver and eating and eating lots more for 11 days… although it somehow feels like a much longer time has passed since I finished work and have been away from home. I will blog photos and more posts about the trip soon, now that I have all the time on my hands! I should come up with some goals (or pick up those New Year’s resolutions I have neglected), or summer vacation will pass by too quickly! So who is ready to play with me?? :)


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