Exploring Seattle for the First Time

Seattle seems to be the place to go these days! Many friends have been going for business trips and vacations, and I only heard good things, so Seattle easily became one of the next places I wanted to explore too! Last year, my mom, aunt and cousin from NY, and I had so much fun traveling 3x together from NY to CA to Chicago/Milwaukee that we decided to book another trip for 2014. So 8 months ago, my aunt and cousin booked their companion ticket deal to Seattle where my mom and I would meet them for another family, food, and travel adventure! A month before the trip, my brother and his girlfriend decided to join us for a week in Seattle! Even more surprising while we were there, my other cousin from NY booked last-minute tickets with mileage and flew out the next day to join us on our last day in Seattle and our short trip to Vancouver. We enjoyed a great time and relaxing vacation together while exploring Seattle and Vancouver!!

It wasn’t hard to ask around and create a long list of recommendations for places to see and eat in Seattle. Now that I have gone to check out Seattle for myself, I can see why people move there or keep going back to visit. We LOVED Seattle! Here are some of my observations of Seattle:

1) Service anywhere and everywhere is amazing! From restaurant servers to baristas, everyone is so willing and patient to do their jobs and answer your questions. I learned more about coffee and Seattle in general just from having good conversations with these people. They even have Downtown Ambassadors, part of MID (Metropolitan Improvement District), who stroll on bikes and walk around downtown to give directions to people and help the homeless find a place to stay.

2) With 7 days in Seattle, we thought we would have too much time since my friends usually visit for 2-3 days. We saw and ate a lot, but still made the trip relaxing, and found that there was not enough time for everything. There are so many different scenes to explore – coffee, beer, food, music, nature, architecture! It’s good to know there’s still more to do when we go back someday!

3) Seattle is beautiful with all the greenery right next to the city! I think I can say this only because I went at a good time in the year, and it rained in Seattle only on our last day when we were leaving for Vancouver. Had I gone anytime from September to May, I would not have enjoyed the rain.

4) Food is great! Not simply because I hit up good recommendations from my friends (thanks to lots of you!) and popular eats on Yelp, but I love the fresh produce and unique eats there.

5) This last one isn’t something all will see in Seattle, but it was unique for me on my trip – I saw a group bike race! I don’t even know the rules of the competition, but it was interesting to watch.

I was a lot more slack about taking photos on this trip because there were 3 DSLRs among us, and I juggled my DSLR, point and shoot, and phone, so I will have to compile the photos first, but enjoy a few from Seattle for now!

View from up highIMG_20140607_111225Individual bike race in Downtown BallardIMG_5958

Skyline from Gas Works ParkIMG_20140608_180713

Pike Place MarketIMG_6073

One of many coffee shopsIMG_20140610_133901

U of WashingtonIMG_6078

Space NeedleIMG_6112

Snoqualmie FallsIMG_20140612_142909

Snoqualmie RiverIMG_6208

More photos and posts about my trip will keep coming… stay tuned!


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