Heading into My Fourth Year of Teaching

It’s been a long while away from my blog… I meant to write more, but I was lazily lounging around at home or busy going out, either way having a blast and loving my summer!!

After 11 days in Seattle and Vancouver, I came home with 3 days of pounding headaches from coffee withdrawal after trying all that good coffee in Seattle every day I was there. Then, I spent the next week almost doing nothing and recuperating because I was so drained from everything over that last month – flying to Irvine the weekend before my last week of work, finishing up my third year of teaching, flying to Seattle the day after my last day of work, and just the tiredness that comes with traveling even though our trip was very relaxing and enjoyable.

At the end of June, my church had our annual retreat, which was really good because the theme One Body was seen throughout the weekend. We were able to immediately practice what we learned from the sermons. My church really grew in fellowship and intentionality in conversations after that, so I spent the bulk of July hanging out all the time with my Pillar family!

Overall, my summer was super chill, pretty much living the life – sleeping late, sleeping in late, and having so much free time that I could choose what I felt like doing that day and leaving what I didn’t feel like doing for another day. Even though I didn’t have much planned other than my trip and retreat, this summer turned out to be very eventful with a lot of things here and there, including the send-offs of a few friends who moved away, my brother visiting home twice, my close family friend’s wedding last Saturday, and my best friend’s bachelorette party yesterday!

With my summer ending tomorrow, I am very thankful for this summer, free time to relax and spend time with friends and my mom, and my friends who had work the next day but were willing to stay up late to play with me! As I head into my fourth year of teaching, I hope that I will keep my time and energy for work in healthy proportion in my life, so that I will continue to make time to spend with others, but keep me accountable please! I also hope to blog more so I can share with you a glimpse of my life as a teacher and make time to reflect during the busy school year.

Today, I reluctantly returned to work earlier than my contract to plan with my grade level team, but overtime pay makes it mildly worth it. My classroom was a mess, as it is every year after they clean the carpet and floors over the summer, but now that this is my third year in Kindergarten in the same classroom, I am getting the hang of things and can work even more efficiently. It only took me 1.5 hours to move all the furniture, heavy file cabinet and loaded bookshelves included, back to its original place, and voilà! My classroom is good to go, but I am exhausted!


See my post one year ago: Preparing for My Third Year of Teaching!


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