Fall Update & Google Visit on Veteran’s Day

It seems like every time I try to pick up blogging again, life gets busy, or I am too tired and lazy, so I don’t give myself time to just sit back and write. Sometimes I miss writing on my blog, but Instagram has become the quicker alternative to capture and share my recent memories with photo collages and captions all in one place.

Since this school year started 3 months ago, the time of my last post, work has been exhausting! Everyone (principal, assistant principal, coaches, aides, substitutes, and other teachers) who has been in my classroom this year has told me time and time again what is already obvious to me – my class is a handful this year! Both academic/speech problems (students I cannot understand when they try to talk) and defiant behaviors (one of my students only stays half the day now because his behavior is that disruptive to the rest of the class). I am in my fourth year of teaching, but sometimes I feel like I’m back to square one, learning how to motivate and discipline these challenging students. Every day for all 6 hours with them is a battle for my energy, patience, and love. I have accepted that this is just going to be a hard school year all the way to the end, but I’m so thankful for God’s grace to help me persevere through week after week!

Other than work, these past 3 months have been busy and eventful with birthday celebrations for me, my family, and friends, my best friend’s epic wedding in Chicago and Chinese reception here, my family’s adventures for a week in Chicago, a Pillar wedding, two baby showers, many Pillar family hangouts, my brother and his gf visiting home, and more that I can’t remember off the top of my head. All of which I never got around to blogging about, but it has been lots of fun!

I had parent-teacher conferences and a sore throat last week (my health has impeccable timing!), so I rested in bed for most of this past weekend. Today, I enjoyed a relaxing day off from work in the middle of the week and visited Google! Is this going to become my Veteran’s Day tradition?!

Veteran’s Day 2013 with Anita – steak, cioppino, sushi, ramen bar / android lawn statues / cruising around with google bikes! 20131111_googletour20131111_googletour2

Veteran’s Day 2014 with Tiff!

cruising around with google bikesIMG_7044

free google food! grilled eggplant and pork loin, potato leek soup, spicy scallop sushi, odwallaIMG_20141111_123919

apple ginger lemon juice and Tiff at the recharging stationIMG_20141111_133018

latte at blaze cafeIMG_20141111_134238

the only successful one of many failed jumping shots at the skate parkIMG_7067

android 5.0 IMG_7073

green machine smoothieIMG_20141111_141302

nap pod IMG_7077

google trolley at Ed’s work buildingIMG_7079

Similarities between 2013 and 2014 Google visits? Ed who is such a gracious host with his time and two Canto girls who are ready to grab them freebies haha.

Since Ed and Tiff raved about having “alone time” during lunch, I decided to try it out after leaving Google. I’m not big on going somewhere to be all by myself because if I want to be alone, I rather do that in my room. I lasted about 45 minutes at my neighborhood park, lying down and reading through Acts, before it started freezing that I wanted to go home and drink some hot water. But trying out this alone time was actually pretty nice! Thanks for today, Ed and Tiff!IMG_20141111_152523


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