Making Cake Pops for Christmas

I have an auntie who has been so kind and generous to me since I was born, always giving me undeserving presents and treating me like a daughter. Last Christmas, she gave me a cakesicle maker so I could make goodies for my students. The whole process took hours, a lot longer than the 3 minutes it takes this machine to make cakesicles. There’s the cake, the cooling, the frosting from scratch, the decorations, the cooling again, and finally the packaging into goodie bags! It turned out looking cute and festive, but the frosting started melting the next day. IMG_5409 IMG_5425

My poor memory didn’t remember making a little comment last year saying it would have been cool if it was a cake pop maker. So this year for my early Christmas present, she surprised me with a cake pop maker and kit… just in time to make Christmas goodies for this year’s students!

Materials and Ingredients: cake pop maker and kit, cake pop sticks, chocolate cake mix (which needs vegetable oil, water, and 3 eggs), Guittard semisweet chocolate chips, sprinkles IMG_20141217_163442 IMG_20141217_163959

Step 1 (left)Mix the ingredients for the cake with my mom’s KitchenAid.

Step 2 (right): Make 12 cake pops for 3 minutes at a time with the cake pop maker.IMG_20141217_165138 IMG_20141217_165910

Step 3: Cool the cake pops on a cooling rack.IMG_20141217_180236

Step 4 (not shown)Dip the sticks into melted chocolate chips, and insert them into the cake pops, so that the cake pops won’t fall off the sticks.

Step 5 (not shown): Refrigerate the cake pops on the cake pop stand for 30 minutes.

Step 6: Dip the cake pops into melted chocolate chips, and add sprinkles to decorate.IMG_20141217_194716IMG_20141217_194728

Step 7: Cool the cake pops on the cake pop stand until ready for packaging. IMG_20141217_195203IMG_20141217_200318IMG_20141217_202056

Step 8: Package the cake pops with handmade tags that say “Made with love from Miss Hui” and paper cut-outs to hold up the cake pops from moving around inside the goodie bags.IMG_20141217_185901IMG_20141217_224614IMG_20141219_084939

Step 9: Pass out the goodie bags to students, and serve extra cake pops at a Christmas party!IMG_20141218_184305

Step 10: Store away the cake pop maker until I find another good occasion and a lot of free time to repeat this whole process and make the cake pops again.

All in all, making these cake pops took me around 6 hours with the help of my mom, but I think my students and friends enjoyed them, so it was worth it in the end… I guess :)

Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!


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