DIY! Mom’s Stocking for Christmas

All these years, my parents never had stockings. My brother and I got our stockings as Christmas presents from my mom’s best friend when we were really young. Now that it’s just the three of us, I think it’s lonely that my mom doesn’t have her own stocking. This year, I thought it was time to get her one, so my brother and I made her a DIY stocking as her Christmas present! Besides, I really didn’t know what to get her because she says she has everything… except this!

Step 1I didn’t have the time nor the artsy skills on my hands to actually make the stocking on my own, so I just bought a $4 red stocking from Target, which turned out to be on sale for $2.80.


Step 2: Copy the design from our stockings with English on the front and Chinese on the back.

IMG_20141220_151326 IMG_20141220_151339

Step 3: I was planning on writing the letters in glitter like our stockings, but my mom’s stocking was made out of plushy material instead of felt like ours, so glitter wouldn’t have stayed on well. Lucky me! I found felt in the house and picked out this red with gold dots for the letter cut-outs.


Step 4: I cut out “Mom” on the felt, but realized that I would have to cut well inside the pen lines or only mark the back side if I didn’t want pen marks to show up on the front.


Step 5: I re-cut out “Mom” and then “媽” in Chinese on the felt. I wrote the letters backwards with black sharpie marker on the back side, so there were no pen marks on the front this time.


Step 6: Since I wanted to involve my brother (but really because I’m not good at sewing and didn’t want to mess this up), I passed the job of sewing “Mom” and “媽” on the stocking to my brother who is much better at anything artsy with his hands. It still took him 2 hours, so I can only imagine how much longer it would have taken me to get the job done.

IMG_20141223_180205 IMG_20141223_180344

Step 7: We gave the final product to mom on Christmas! She loved the idea and thoughtful gift!

IMG_20141225_171314 IMG_20141225_171331IMG-20141225-WA0014IMG-20141225-WA0015

This Christmas, I was reminded of the greater joy it is to give than receive. It’s also rewarding whenever you put a lot of time and thought into making something for others… and it’s a bonus when they really like it! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed your Christmas with family and friends and found much to be thankful for this holiday season!


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