Winter Break 2014

My longest break in the middle of the school year has quickly gone by, and I start work again tomorrow… wahhh! Thankfully, it’s a teacher day, which can help me ease back into the schedule. I have 3 hours of training and then the rest of the day to prepare in my classroom, which is much needed since I haven’t looked at any work over break haha.

Though my family doesn’t really have Christmas traditions quite like our Thanksgiving traditions, I looked back at last year’s post (see Winter Break is Over Already?) and realized some things just don’t change. Slept in all the mornings. Cleaned my room and threw out old clothes. Ate hot pot. Watched movies. Visited Dad on the holidays. Opened Christmas presents with my family. Stayed up for the countdown on NYE.

This year was different though. My brother came home for a week, which was perfect timing! Right when winter break started, my mom couldn’t walk because she hurt her lower back and nerve down her left leg while using a hurricane 360 spin mop. She was in a lot of pain, mostly stayed in bed, and used a walker for the weekend. I’m so glad my brother was home to take care of my mom and help around the house! After she saw an acupuncturist, she eventually walked back to normal, just in time for Christmas. Praise God for healing and answered prayers!

Early December, I lost my voice for 2.5 weeks, and when it finally recovered over break, I started having an annoying dry cough and itchy throat. So I rested up a lot too! After I was all better, I took my car to the shop because the gas leak light turned on and there was weird noise when I started the car. After 5 days of being carless, I thankfully got my car back, and hope it’s all good for the time being because I hate dealing with car problems.

It was a busy 2 weeks, but I still enjoyed a relaxing break from work. I’m not ready to go back to work tomorrow haha but no complaining there. Here are my last 2 weeks summed up in photos!

IMG_20141221_122100Mom and brother had Christmas Sunday service at home, and there’s her walker on the side

IMG-20141227-WA0010Finally watched Frozen because my mom was curious about it

image_3First time exploring Christmas lights in San Jose! I think my brother used This house above annually raises $24,000+ for Make a Wish Foundation from donations!

20141225_gateofheavenornamentMade an ornament for my dad to hang on a Christmas tree at the cemetery

IMG-20141225-WA0002Visited my best friend’s grandma at her nursing home

IMG_6560My brother bounced on my bed Christmas morning eager to open presents, no joke, and he said I have good self-control because I waited until 4 PM. First time the tables have turned (is that the right idiom??), usually it’s the other way around.

IMG-20141225-WA0014Our present for mom – her own stocking (see DIY! Mom’s Stocking for Christmas)

winterbreak2014_lawsgiantschampionscapMy present for my brother – the Giants 2014 Champions cap! GO GIANTS!

IMG_20141225_172708My mom’s presents for us, and my brother sporting his new cap

IMG_20141224_194548Amazingly decorated ornament cake pops homemade from a parent in last year’s class!

10644279_10152485384601363_7251956244024744471_oReunited and caught up with old church friends from CCCC Youth Group

IMG_20141230_191652Waited about an hour for Santouka ramen on a cold day with mom

winterbreak2014_NYENYE celebration – 9 PM with mom, and 12 AM with Pillar family (photo courtesy of tiffpraj)

winterbreak2014_ilpostalelunchBirthday lunch for a family friend at Il Postale in Sunnyvale

Hope you enjoyed the photos from my winter break! Happy Monday tomorrow…


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