Wahoo, the first two days back from Winter Break were actually great! I was worried how off the walls my students would be, the way they left me before the holidays, but my students surprised me! They were unusually well-behaved… probably because they’re still out of it from not having school for the last 2 weeks.

Anyway, cute and funny story!

For the first time ever, I bumped into one of my students in this year’s class on Christmas. What a surprise, it happened at a nursing home in Cupertino! So I used that encounter to model writing a story about a highlight of my winter break. Just as I predicted, the class was drawn into my story, and they were excited that I used a student’s name in my writing.

Then when I wrote “Christmas” in that sentence on the whiteboard…

Me: Hey! There’s also Chris’s name in Christmas!

The whole class found it amusing, and Chris put his head down looking embarrassed, but really he was hiding his smile and feeling good haha.

A girl: But Chris is a girl in that sentence… Chris-miss!

Me: Ohh like Miss Hui?

Hahaha smarty pants.


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