Pillar Ski Trip 2015

Over this past MLK weekend, I finally went on my first Pillar ski trip, and it was so fun!! It was my first time skiing in 10 years! I had only gone skiing twice before this. The first time, I went downhill skiing with Girl Scouts and took a lesson on how to get on and off the lift, make turns, and stop. The second time, I went cross country skiing with my church friends because we got there too late to make the lift ticket worth it. That pretty much sucked because xc skiing is using your arms and ski poles to pull yourself horizontally on flat snow. The only reason it was any bit fun was because we had a snowball fight along the way, so we tried getting ahead of each other to make snowballs (shoutout to Austin, Shannie, Jessica, Erica, Tim, and Josh haha).

I was hesitant about going this time because I didn’t want to get hurt or be too sore for work, but in the end, I decided to go because I’m not getting younger, which means it won’t get any easier. I thought I would be on my butt the whole time, struggling on the slopes and falling all the time. But to my surprise, I picked it up quickly and didn’t fall getting off the lift or going down the bunny slopes. My friends thought that I would learn better on the harder trails so I went with them, and besides it was easier skiing away from the little kids. I went on 9 runs on both the easy green and intermediate blue trails, and I’m very thankful for my super supportive and patient friends who challenged me but encouraged me all along the way! I’m not as beat up as I thought I would be, just my arms from pulling the poles and calves from making turns and pizza stopping down some really steep slopes that I can’t believe I went on. Praise God for safety, nobody got hurt!

On top of skiing, I really enjoyed the fun and fellowship with my brothers and sisters from the slopes to the cabin to the car rides. I am thankful to have gotten to know some friends better and meet new friends too. I was definitely blessed by their company and servant-like hearts.

Enjoy my photos from the Pillar ski trip at Sugarbowl and our cabin in Truckee!

IMG_6421IMG_6422 IMG_6425IMG_6426 IMG_6427IMG_20150119_131523IMG_6429 IMG_6430IMG_6432IMG_6433IMG_6436IMG_6439IMG_6440IMG_6445IMG_6448IMG_6449IMG_6457IMG_6479

Lots of thanks to Bob for planning, Sherry for making breakfast, the drivers, Jane and Sarah for letting me borrow their ski clothes, and all the brothers and sisters for being great company!! :)


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